There are more people out there doing good than you could ever imagine. Wonderful ministries and charities are everywhere doing their work quietly, efficiently, and with love. Our Safe Harbor Church has chosen four ministries to support – Graceworks, One Generation Away, Flint Global and Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic. Our members volunteer at these ministries when we are able, and OSHC donates funds to them as well. 

Why these ministries? We know them and trust them!

One Generation Away (aka OneGenAway) has one mission: to wipe out hunger in one generation. Through the tireless leadership of Chris and Elaine Whitney, OneGenAway has forged partnerships with grocery stores and corporations in order to bring fresh produce and the highest quality groceries to poor families. Because of these agreements, the work of volunteers, and the efficiency of this ministry, they can provide a truly good, healthy, tasty meal for 10 cents! We have known the Whitneys and this work for years. They love the Lord and they love the poor. They treat each person with grace, love, and dignity and are truly a joy to work with. 

Graceworks has been a Franklin institution for years. Several of our members volunteer weekly at this ministry that combines many needed ministries in one place. Food, clothing, home necessities, financial aid, and more are all in this one place. Local churches, regardless of denomination, have trusted Graceworks to do what individual churches cannot do – and they are never disappointed. Under the leadership of Valencia Breckenridge, CEO, and Alicia Bell, Director of Development, Graceworks has become an example of how to do charitable work right. Many of OSHC members are personal friends of Valencia and Alicia and have worked alongside them for years. They are the best. 

Flint Global equips people to break cycles of financial poverty and dependence. Like a flint ignites a fire, we ignite transformative change through training, mentoring, and network building. Our focus is on generating independence through business, entrepreneurship, and life skills. These skills translate to higher incomes, greater employment opportunities, and lasting change in our partners' lives and communities. Our partner network includes high-level entrepreneurs in emerging markets, rural farmers, refugee communities, at-risk youths, charitable organizations, and communities living alongside conservation zones. Our approach is low-cost, high-impact, and sustainability-focused.

Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides free and confidential services to women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy. We offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, and support groups. Our goal is to help women make informed choices about their pregnancy and parenthood.

We operate as frugally as possible so that we can share what is given to us with ministries that have a proven track record of using donations wisely and efficiently. Thank you for helping us help others.