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tax-deductible. Thank you to all who are giving and may
God bless you as you have blessed His Kingdom.
- Our Safe Harbor Church

Welcome Home to

We are with you, wherever you are

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Welcome home to Our Safe Harbor. This is a hybrid church – virtual, small groups, some live events across the US, as well as house churches. This is a place that welcomes you, encourages you, and promises to remain focused on Jesus.

We promise to be kind to you, to always teach scripture in context and in the light of the life of Christ. We will not veer into politics nor will we ask you to sign a Statement of Beliefs. You are welcome here if you believe Jesus is the Son of God. And if you don’t…or if you aren’t sure…this is a safe place to listen, ask questions, and never feel pressured or ashamed.

As a virtual church, we are with you wherever you are. And wherever you are, when you become a part of Our Safe Harbor Church, you are home.

Welcome home.

What Do We Believe?

Apostles' Creed

If you know the Apostles' Creed or the Nicene Creed, you know what we believe. We choose not to create a creed or a long list of required beliefs.


The center of everything we believe is Jesus. We study his life, his teachings, and his way of walking through the world. We obey his command to "Follow me."

fear not

We also remember Jesus' most often given command: fear not. We believe a faith community should inspire love, sacrifice, and service rather than fear or a laundry list of legalistic obligations.


We believe that worship is the natural and correct response to the reality of the existence of God - a God of love. We sing, teach, pray, gather at The Table, and give because we believe that He is God and the fact that He exists changes everything.

Word of God

The Bible is a narrative that leads us to Jesus, the true Word of God. We study it and thank God for it, always remembering that Jesus said that HE was THE Word of God.

welcome the struggling

We welcome the struggling, the forgotten, the broken, the rejected just as warmly as we welcome the committed and certain believer. You have a place here.

Meet Patrick and Kami Mead

Patrick and Kami have been married for more than forty-one years. They have served churches across the United States, Canada, and Scotland and Patrick continues to travel extensively, helping churches with leadership models, change, and growth.

Patrick & Kami Mead, Founders
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"As a virtual church, we are with you wherever you are. And wherever you are, when you become a part of Our Safe Harbor Church, you are home."

- Our Safe Harbor