to Our Safe Harbor Church

Welcome to something new! Something hundreds of you have contacted me and encouraged me to start. Because of your love and requests we have quickly become a fast-growing church, a virtual church that also links house churches together in one harmonious and loving stream. Additionally, we are finding that many around the world are adding Our Safe Harbor Church as an additional way to worship and connect.

We are calling it Our Safe Harbor Church because we want this to be a safe place, spiritually, for those who feel tired of big buildings, denominational politics, or who feel isolated, either geographically or spiritually.

If you are being led and fed at your current church, that is good news! Churches are declining in attendance and contributions so, if you have a good one, help it out in any way you can. You are encouraged and always welcome to add our worship and our other content to your life.

Our Safe Harbor Church will truly be a church, a faith community without walls, without borders. All are welcome. If you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, you are our brothers and sisters. If you don’t, or if you are questioning, you will find this a safe place to ask questions. If you are bruised and battered by other churches or by other Christians, you need to know that our hearts are broken with yours. Such things should not be…but they are. Here, you will find a safe harbor. I promise.

What to expect? The worship will be simple, acoustic with occasional acapella music when we have the right voices in the mix. If you have followed my sermons online in the past, you will find that they are just what you would expect: Jesus is always front and center, love is always in evidence, and humor will play its part, as well.

There will be prayer and time for communion. There will be opportunities for you to be a part of Bible studies. Some will be filmed here, live, with members of Our Safe Harbor Church and their guests. There will also be a question and answer session where you can send in your questions about life, scripture, faith, and theology and have it heard and answered…when I know the answer. And, if I don’t, I’ll ask around for you.

If you can give, please do. If you can tithe, that is fantastic. Your monetary gifts will help cover costs to create an amazing virtual experience technically, to cover the pay needed for services, and when we can we will help support charities that take care of people in need.

If you can’t give…you are still welcome here. We have no interest in putting up a paywall that would keep out those of limited means. That just seems wrong for a church calling itself a safe harbor.

We will be live each week, learning, growing, and changing right along with you.

So, for those who’ve been waiting, here it is, waiting for you. This is Our Safe Harbor and, now, it is yours. Welcome home.

Welcome home.