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Meet Patrick and Kami Mead

Patrick has served and grown churches for more than forty years. He has been the lead minister in churches in Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Colorado and Tennessee and served as a consultant for churches across the United States and beyond.  

He is a scientist by training with doctorates in research psychology and psychoneuroimmunology. He teaches special courses at The Ohio State University as well as other Midwestern universities and hospitals. He is a frequent guest lecturer for law enforcement and military associations (FBI National Academy chapters, Michigan State Police, Interpol, various state forensic science seminars, etc.).  

Patrick has a passion for telling Jesus stories. He lives to help people see what they may have missed before in the stories we’ve all heard since childhood. His greatest joy is in revealing the love of God as seen in Christ and watching the blinders of tradition and doubt fall away from listeners’ eyes. With grace, a smile, and gentle Celtic humor, he leads people to see Jesus.  

He is also a guitarist, backing singers in locations as varied as neighborhood parks and the Schermerhorn, home to the Nashville Symphony. When he gets the chance, he plays golf with friends.

 Kami is a highly credentialed interior designer. She has had her own practice for nearly twenty years and is known for her creativity, skill and attention to detail. She is also a pianist and an accomplished seamstress.  

Married for over forty-one years, the Meads have two grown children and five grandchildren, all of whom are believers and active in their faith.